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Brown Bear 18" super soft high quality faux fur cushion. It really feels good ! With a high quality, generously filled feather pad and burnt orange coloured fabric back with a subtle texture. Brings an "ooh, that's soft" from everyone who touches it. Also available in an even more generous 20" size with an oatmeal textured linen back.

We discovered an excellent range of high quality faux fur and at first touch knew that we should make some generous cushions. You know you've got the right product when even big burly fellows melt at the first touch. 'It feels even softer than it looks' and ' Yes that feels really nice' are comments we hear .

Brown Bear faux fur cushion, Super soft luxurious feel.

SKU: 364215375135191
  • All cushions are made by hand in our professional workspace here in Poole on the sunny south coast of England by the  lovely ladies of Team Cocobolo.

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