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Following HM Government's announcement that people are required to wear facemasks when they need to use public transport and in other situations, we decided to offer a sustainable solution. Socially responsible businesses and individuals can now purchase masks made by us here in Poole.

Below we answer some of your questions and also show why we think that our facemasks are a great option.

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We have seen articles in the news media advising people how to make your own facemask at home. We, as professionals familiar with fabric and sewing, would like to offer a more robust & sustainable solution.

For businesses wanting to be socially responsible and offer their staff something to wear on their daily commute our masks offer a cost effective solution. Our team cut and machine sew 100% cotton pieces together to form a double layered mask with filter slot and long adjustable ties. Masks proudly made in the UK .

How facemasks are made

Will facemasks be mandatory?

Which facemasks are the best?

There are many facemasks on the market. CE certified PPE masks for medical professionals are for single use only. However, for the general public , where appropriate, it may be that a reusable fabric mask is the best solution. Our facemasks are great for people who prefer ties over elastic. They're also a great shape if you wear glasses.

When should I wear a facemask ? What's the current advice on wearing facemasks ? HM Government advised that those using public transport should wear a facemask/covering. Uber have also asked that passengers wear a face covering.Rather than single-use PPE for your daily commute try our reusable cotton washable one.

Looking after each other

People have been asking , which facemasks are washable ?

We make our facemasks from 100% cotton, Why ? Because they can be washed at 60 deg+ . Should they have elastic ? No .We think that fabric ties offer greater flexibility for fit. They are also more comfortable than elastic which may hurt your ears.  Our straps are fully adjustable and are less likely to deteriorate over multiple washes.Some shrinkage may occur. Do I need to have a filter ? Our masks come with a slot to insert your own filter if you feel that you need it. What's the right way to wear a facemask ? Here's a link to a Bbc clip

What facemask options do we offer ?

We offer our 100% cotton washable facemasks in one size for adults.Can i buy multiple masks ? Yes we sell boxes of 10 masks. Please contact us for orders over 10 boxes.What colour masks can I buy? We have two colour options at present, Aqua & Charcoal


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