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Welcome to

Cocobolo Furnishings,

for bespoke designer soft furnishings.

Welcome to Cocobolo Furnishings, for bespoke designer soft furnishings


Products & Services


Dynamic  & Friendly

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Working with Us 

We offer a full range of soft furnishing manufacture from hand sewn to machined for business & private customers.

We can supply and fit curtains and blinds on tracks,poles and headers in either manual or motorised options. We re-upholster and make seat pads for indoors and out. We also make headboards and of course cushions too !

We move quickly and with precision to fulfil your orders efficiently and to the very highest standards. With over 25 years experience at the highest level in soft furnishings we deliver the best quality on time.

For new  customers we will always begin by meeting in person, either at our facility or we'll come to you. Clear communication is a prerequisite for a harmonious and efficient working relationship . That way we can  deliver exactly what you want in designer soft furnishings.

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